Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2019
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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2019

In this article we break down the Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2019 on the market based on price versus performance and what they’re capable of doing. So, if you’re interested in finding out which gaming keyboard will be the best for you.

VicTsing Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

VicTsing Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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VicTsing Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Number 5 on our list is vixen mechanical gaming keyboard the vixen mechanical gaming keyboard features blue switches that are tested for a long life of 50 million keystrokes. This will provide you with years of regular use without any signs of wear.

Level of Resistance in Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It offers a medium level of resistance with a crisp click sound and precise tactile feedback. This keyboard anti-ghosting technology allows you to use multiple keys at once without any issues.

Different Combinations of Multimedia Keys

There are 12 combinations of multimedia keys that allow you to play your games with more efficiency than ever before the water-resistant design of this keyboard makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Drain Holes in Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It even has drain holes and protects against accidental spills the ergonomic design drastically reduces hand fatigue even when you are gaming for hours at a time.

Measurement of Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Measuring 16 by 2.5 by 7 point 2 inches with a weight of just 2 pounds. This keyboard is very light and not too bulky. It comes with a key cap polar and user manual.

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HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2019
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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2019

Number 4 on our list is HyperX alloy FPS pro. The HyperX alloy FPS pro has a stylish minimalist design with a steel frame for maximum sturdiness.

Cherry MX Mechanical Switches

It features cherry MX mechanical switches that are unbelievably responsive. This gives you the precision performance you need to match all of your gaming needs.

Pressure Resistant Metal Alloy Springs

The pressure resistant metal alloy springs provide you with a high level of reliability and a total life of 50 million keystrokes. The self-cleaning gold contacts make this keyboard resistant to dust and dirt, so it is very low maintenance.

87 Keys Maximum Visibility

All 87 Keys illuminate for maximum visibility which is very useful. When gaming in the dark there are six different led modes and five brightness levels to choose from the anti-ghosting design gives you precision performance on a consistent basis.

Dedicated Game Mode of Best Mechanical Keyboard

There is even a dedicated game mode that you can activate to gain an edge on the competition. Measuring 14.5 point one by one point four inches with a weight of just one point eight pounds. This keyboard is extremely light and doesn’t take up much space.

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Redragon K552 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K552 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Redragon K552 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Number three on our list is Redragon K552. The Redragon K552 features custom mechanical switches for the best possible gaming performance.

LED Adjustable Lighting

It also has red LED adjustable lighting to add the perfect aesthetic to your gaming setup. The double shot injection molded key caps provide you with crystal-clear backlighting.

Ultra Study Metal

This keyboard has an ultra-sturdy metal and abs construction four years of regular use without any signs of wear. The mechanical keys and gold-plated USB connector provide you with an additional level of durability while enhancing overall performance.

Key Switches

The key switches this keyboard uses are specifically designed for a high level of responsiveness they are built to last up to 40 million clicks.

Non-Slip Adjustable Rear Feet

So, you won’t have to worry about getting a new one any time soon we especially like the non-slip adjustable rear feet which always give you the perfect typing angle.

This keyboard even has a corrosion resistant USB cable that won’t wear away over the years

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Eagletec KG011 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

 Eagletec KG011
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Eagletec KG011

Number two on our list is eagletech kg 01 1. The eagletech kg 0 1 1 has a wired design with 104 white keys and a mechanical design. The custom switches are specifically designed for longevity. So, you can get many years of use from them.

Numeric Keypad of Best Gaming Keyboard

It is rated for 50 million keystrokes so it can potentially last a lifetime. This keyboard also features a full numeric keypad which can definitely come in handy when you are gaming.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design

The gold-plated corrosion free USB connector will always provide you with a highly reliable connection at all times. One of the best things about this keyboard is its comfortable ergonomic design.

Optimal Level Visibility

You will be able to keep gaming for hours without any fatigue or discomfort. The LED lighting gives you an optimal level of visibility and a great looking gaming aesthetic.

Aircraft Grade aluminum and ABS Construction

The aircraft-grade aluminum and abs construction of this keyboard makes it exceptionally durable. All 104 keys are conflict-free with an anti-ghosting design for accurate and reliable performance.

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Logitech G413 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G413
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Logitech G413

Number one on our list is Logitech g4 13 the Logitech G 413 is built for pro grade performance giving you an incredible level of responsiveness on a consistent basis.

Precision Design

This keyboards precision design makes it ideal for gaming. Each of the keys are very quiet when you are typing so you won’t be distracted from your games at all.

Volume Pause Play

This keyboard function keys allow you to control volume pause play mute skip tracks toggle lighting and active game mode. The LED lighting is bright but not to the point where it is distracting. It will give you the perfect aesthetic to enhance your gaming experience as a whole.

Extremely Durable

It is extremely durable and low maintenance the aircraft-grade 50/50 to aluminum top case means years of regular use without any damage or issues. There is even an additional USB 2.0 pass-through for your convenience.

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